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!EXCLUSIVE! Math Tutor Dvd Statistics Vol 7 ((FULL))

As an example, how do you teach a child to ride a bicycle? Would you start with a lengthy discussion of how you sit on the seat, how you sense if you are falling over, and how you compensate by pushing your body to the other side in order to prevent a fall? NO! You put the child on the bike and begin to work with him or her, slowly at first. After a while the child gains confidence and is soon riding like a pro. This method best illustrates the teaching style on DVDs. For example, long division is explained by working many problems in step-by-step detail. We begin with the easier problems and work our way up to the harder problems. The student gains confidence, does not get bored, and quickly feels like he or she can conquer the material. This method is extremely powerful and has proven itself time and again. Practice makes perfect, and there is no substitute for practice. If you have the desire to master Mathematics, you have to parcatice, and that takes patience and time. The only way any child will be willing to apply both patience and time to Mathematics, is if they learn to love the numeric language of Mathematics, and MathTutor DVD will plant the seed of success in any students heart and mind, guaranteed!

!EXCLUSIVE! Math Tutor Dvd Statistics Vol 7




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