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Asm2air Tool ~UPD~

AIR files specify many of the aerodynamic coefficients used when simulating the behaviour of an aircraft. An AIR file (for example, Mooney_Bravo.air) originates as an assembler file (.asm), and is compiled with the Asm2Air.exe tool supplied with this SDK. The following sections describe the format of the file, link to somesamples, and describe how to use the tool.

Asm2air Tool

To build an AIR file, first navigate to the SimObject Creation Kit\Flight Model SDK folder. This folder contains the Asm2Air tool and a Samples folder that contains the sample AIR files. The data in an ASM file is compiled into an AIR file using Asm2Air.exe -- either drag the ASM file and drop it on the compiler, or use a Command Prompt:

The following sample ASM files can be used to create sample AIR files using the ASM2AIR tool, and are provided for your use. Generally the process of creating an AIR file is to start with a generic file for the particular type of aircraft being modelled, then to adjust the parameters appropriately. 350c69d7ab


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